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How to work remotely:

Top secrets revealed

Businesses need to learn to work remotely, and they need to learn fast.

To help, we’ve gathered experts who are already seasoned in this way of working.

The best part? They are willing to share their secrets and tips.

We’re thrilled to have guest speakers Margo Visitacion, vice president and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Simon Lang, Data Analyst at Elastic, the software company behind Elasticsearch, join us to share top pitfalls to avoid and novel best practices to follow in working remotely.

Join our webinar and learn:
  • How working remotely can positively affect businesses
  • From Elastic: How it runs its entire operations from home, across its 200 employees
  • Best practices for managing a remote team
  • Tips, tricks, and tools for making the most out of remote work
  • From monday.com: How it enables you to collaborate, manage, and track work anywhere

Margo Visitacion

VP & Principal Analyst at


Simon Lang

Data Analyst at

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